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Exiles Volume 1

Exiles: Down the Rabbit Hole - Judd Winick, Mike McKone, Mark McKenna

5 Stars, buy it.


Self purchase, digital copy. Read on iphone and computer.


Omg I forgot how much I loved this. Blink, Nocturne and Morph!! So happy I decided to try the marvel e reader for iPhone. Morph has the best lines ever.  SO amazing. The writing is completely awesome, the art is fantastic and the characters are so believable and have very distinct personalities. And of course there are appearances by main X-Men characters. I can’t wait to re-read volume 2 and review it.  


Plot/Storyline: Exiles is a marvel storyline of Xmen. Certain xmen were pulled from their universe to form a team of exiles who need to fix broken timelines. Blink wears a communicator who gives them information they need.  SPOILERS. Magnus sacrifices himself (no huge loss) and a new character is brought on called Mariko/Sunfire. They then get transported to the trial of Phoenix which is where chapter two ends. Calvin (can’t remember superhero name) and wolverine have a big drag it out fight.  Characters: Don’t like Magnus, Mimic or Thunderbird. Do love Nocture, Blink and Morph.  Sunfire, neutral on so far.