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Baboons! Learn About Baboons and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn!

Baboons! - Becky Wolff

3 Stars. Don’t Bother


The pictures were barely pixalated which it gets points for and the facts were decent. But bad editing and really lame statements made me want to continually roll my eyes.  It’s like the author didn’t even bloody try to write something decent for kids.


Um. What kind of fact is this: “The buttocks of the baboon are sat on for long hours daily.” WTH? Did she even consider rewriting that?

Did you know?


Baboons are treated as vermin in Africa rather than wildlife

Female Baboons usually give birth to a single infant

Baboons can survive for long periods byicking the night dew from their fur   

female baboons are pregnant for about 6 months

Female Baboons are almost half the size of the adult male

There are a total of five species of baboons