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Zaya HC - Huang-jia Wei, Jean-david Morvan

4.5 Stars, buy it


Netgalley review.


First Impression:  Surreal and extremely unique


This is Incredibly original. Half Manga Half Steampunk with a part of WTF tossed in. Brain Hurts trying to figure this out. But I FREAKING LOVE the art work. so amazing. My only complaint with the art is that there isn’t enough bright colors. I’m partial to bright colors. I’m partially in love with the main character Zaya cause she’s so HOT.  I must admit the story line is a hair on the confusing side because I wasn’t expecting it to be so surreal but I do love it despite confusion. The art is also a little confusion. Usually I complain there isn’t enough detail. But with this artist, I think there is too much.  I also think adding more color contrast would help with the visual confusion.  A minor problem, in some scenes, the artist seems to have problems with proportions on Zaya. But it’s really a minor issue overall. The basic premise is that Zaya was a retired secret agent and is call back into service. It gets really confusing at the end so I’m not exactly sure what happened which is why I downgraded this to 4.5 stars instead of 5.


I’m loving Zaya, the main character. I love how pretty she is. I find her to be believeable. I love the artificial intelligent computer who is set free. The writing was great too, but I did get confused toward the end of the book and wasn’t quite sure what had happened.


Warnings:  One rape scene which can trigger issues but it’s not too long or graphic.


Overall I really liked this a lot. I had to read it on my iphone and really wish it had been available for my kindle, because the art work is so detailed. I hope the publisher makes it available for the kindle.