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Family Portraits (Issue 1)

Family Portraits - Sam Orchard

5 Stars, Buy it if possible. amazing


Kickstarter Project (Meaning I helped fund it for those who don’t know); Digital copy.


First Impression:  Seems juicy.

Overall incredibly good. It portrays the story of the author/artist as well as other people.

The first section is Queer 101it’s a cute, intro to sexuality, identity and the basics for people who may not be familiar with GLBT people/community. Seriously awesome, this would be sosooosooooo amazing for kids in school to learn tolerance. Of course some parents would shit bricks but that’s their problem.  Then there’s a little story about the author which ends rather suddenly. I assume we get back to that story in the 2nd issue.   The final part is called The Love Boat- Peter’s story-   Wow this is hard to describe. The author is telling a story of real people and breaks up the narrative with his commentary. At parts its annoying because I’m not into the religion thing. But for Peter, this is his struggle with his identity and his religion and how he combines time.  Amazing series. So glad I helped fund it.