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Camels! Learn About Camels and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn!

Camels - Becky Wolff

Overall 3.5 stars, Borrow it


Camels. LOL. A do have a funny sort of related story of camels. It involves their breath.  One of my first full time out of college jobs was a receptionist for a now defunct telephone communications company that was run (with a lot of illegal stuff going on) by a bunch of people from the Middle East. One of these persons I still have contact with.  He is a total sweet heart and he means a lot to me. What does this have to do with camels? If I remember correctly, his family is Iranian. And for some reason way back then, he wanted me to call him Camel Breath. LOL. To this day I will refer to him as Camel Breath.  This issue is one I recently got when it was available for free. I wanted to do this one as I recently had contact with my friend through linked in.  


The pictures are somewhat pixelated. A couple of facts are repeated unneccesarily. The book ends a bit abrubtly. But that’s not a biggy.  Pretty strong on facts but the pictures are pixelated and not that pretty or nice.

Did you know?


Camels have a population of 17 million camels worldwide.

Camels are not strictly desert animals

A camels hump does not store water, it stores fat (I did not know this!)

Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water at once.

Camels require 22-44 pounds of fresh food daily.