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One is Enough

One Is Enough - Love  Robert

5 Stars, buy it


Netgalley review (on iphone)


Wow. This blew me away (LOL! Pun sort of intended).  M-M GLBT Manga. Absolutely loved this. Loved the characters, loved the story, loved the art. Freaking awesome. It’s full of teenage angst and stress but I loved it.  MORE!!! I WANT More!!!! Can you tell I loved this?  This is going on my to purchase after review list. Hope its available for the kindle. My only one complaint is that at times I got confused between some of the characters and the plot confused me at points but it’s all minor. Love, Love.


General Notes.  I don’t have much experience reading much or any Manga. But have recently found an interest in it so I jumped at the chance to review this for netgalley.  I find it interesting that they give you a diagram of how you are supposed to read the graphic novel.  I do have to wonder if all Manga is this confusing.  I love the art.  And I have to wonder if its deliberate that the views of certain scenes always seem to look like one guy is giving another guy a blow job. LOL.


Very cute. Shows how everyone behaves while interacting with ones crushes, portrays it very well. Lots of teenage angst.


Originality:  I don’t know how original since I’m new to Manga. But anything GLBT always gets bonus points in my book.


Cover: I love the simplicity of the cover. I love that you can’t tell the gender of the people on the cover. I love GLBT stuff .

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