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Naja HC - Bengal, Jean-david Morvan

3.5 Stars


Netgalley Review, read on iphone.


First Impression: Promising


I really wanted to give this a higher rating, at least 4 stars because overall I really did like this. The art was decent and the plot was good though not highly original. I had to downgrade it because honestly most of the time I was confused as to what was happening and who was who. Though I do think that was deliberate, still it frustrated me. I did stop reading at about 75% in cause I was too frustrated so hense the lower star rating. But if you don’t mind confusion, give this a try.


Plot/Storyline:  (SPOILERS) Chapter One- Zero is a crime lord. In chapter one, We are introduced to Naja (who is Zero’s number 3 assasin) and at the end of this chapter, she helps finds a friend of hers in prison.. Interesting but so far, nothing hugely original. Chapter 2- we are introduced to Max, Zero’s number 1 assasi.. Naja gets her friend out of prison and they track down a person who is out to kill her.  Chapter 3- We are introduced to #2killer who does not have a name.  So far everyone appears to be chasing eachother in order to kill each other. A bit confusing but interesting. I like the characters. Chapter 4- introduced to “him” whom I assume is zero’s #1 killer but honestly i’m a bit confused so I’m not sure. Things do start falling into place in this issue and there is a twist which I won’t reveal. Chapter 5- We learn more about Zero and some things are revealed. However, I’m still pretty confused.


Art/Colors: I found the text a bit hard to read but that might be because I read it on my iphone. I otherwise love the art and particularly like show they portray motion.  I love the coloring and the art is decent to very good.


Characters:  Love Naja- hot and sexy. Love the spunky blue hair.  In fact I like most of the characters.



Warnings: Lots of violence but most of it isn’t graphic.