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Alex and Ada Volume 1

Alex + Ada Volume 1 - Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn

Overall: 4 Stars

Star Rating Art: 3 Stars

Star Rating Story: 5 Stars


Netgalley review. Read on iphone


First Impression: Art seems really low key, underdeveloped and simplistic. However, plot is promising.


My chief complaint is that the version I read on my phone was not capable of rotating the book to read in landscape view which makes for much better reading on the iphone, especially with graphic novels.   The other big complaint is that basically that the art was pretty bad. Very simplistic, almost like drawn by a beginner. The good news is that the plot was fantastic and original (you can see my summary type notes below). The characters were really well done (not art wise unfortunately) and the main male character Alex reminds me of a badly drawn Yorrick from Y: The Last Man both in temperment and art wise and Ada seems promising but she can’t really have a personality yet but that is in keeping with the story.   


Overall: 4 Stars. I would have loved to given this 5 stars but honestly the art was just not worth giving it 5 stars. The writing however was fantastic. This has been immediately put on my to watch list and hope to review future volumes.


Summary type Notes:: Definitely has humor. (Spoilers from here on out) Chapter One-  Main character is talking with his grandma who has an android lover. LOL. And they talk sex. Almost enough to make one spew what one is drinking. Alex is given an adroid woman (Ada) for his birthday from his grandma.   Chapter Two- Ada gets introduced and is given a name.  I’m enjoying the plot more but I feel like the art work needs some help. Chapter three- Ada gets introduced to Alex’s friends. I like that a girl friend says that Ada is hot. Ok, I wasn’t this expecting to be local. D.C. gets mentioned as a place to go do something. Cool. Chapter Four- Alex joins an online group and finds out how to make Ada Sentinent. Chapter 5. Ada becomes self aware.