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Noir Volume 1

Noir Volume 1 - Victor Gischler, Andrea Mutti

3.5 Stars, Borrow it


Netgalley Review


I don’t know much if anything about most of the characters. I think I’ve read something with The Shadow in it but I can’t remember what it was.


In issue one we are introduced to the Shadow,  The Black Sparrow and at the end, Miss Fury. So far nothing really stands out. Seems like generic rip offs of Batman/Catwoman.  But its not bad so I’ll continue reading. A treasure hunt starts.UIn issue two, the Black Sparrow and Miss Fury kidnap someone. Chapter three:  Black Sparrow and Miss Fury lose their captive. Treasure hunt continues. Issue/Chapter four- in which appears generic batman comic merges with Indiana Jones. Yeah. Issue 5- A cheesy, very typical ending.


Art/Colors: The only problem with reviewing netgalley graphic novels is that most of the time, I end up reading them on my iphone.  The digital quality isn’t great, I suspect this is  to keep people from illegally selling and whatnot but it does make it hard to tell how good the art is.


OK then moment. Male character following female character up a ladder on the side of the building. The woman is wearing a dress. She asks him if he is looking up her dress and he replies yes. She says: “Looks a frightful mess, doesn’t it.”   OOOOkkkkk then. Weird.


Characters:  I do like Fury and Black Sparrow even if both are generic batgirl and catwoman.



Not sure if this is a good quote or bad: “Minerva, Please. What good are you to me if all your good bits get sliced away.” Part of me wants to laugh but the feminist in me wants to slap the jerk.


Overall, not bad. Somewhat interesting. However, it really was very generic. This was half batman half indiana jones. What a weird mixture.  Despite being very average, I did really like the characters of Black Sparrow and Miss Fury.  Women kicking mens butt is always good.