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Bears! Learn About Bears and Enjoy Colorful Pictures

Bears! Learn About Bears and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Learning Fun! (50+ Photos of Bears) - Norma Jones

3.5 Stars, borrow it


I chose the Bears one today because a weekend or two ago we attempted to take my now 4 year old son camping. We got to see a black bear. This was not the first time but it was awesome so I thought this would be an appropriate choice!


Ok then. In Amazon’s description on the book, it says high quality photos. Uh sure. If by high quality you mean pixaleted photos that were most likely stolen from the internet then sure.


A plus for this book, this one actually does seem to be written for a child. An example: “Bears can be scary, but most will only become aggressive when threatened” as well as “Bears are smart, shy, and great at hiding when they need to.”


Overall, not bad. But I know they have the more specific bear books so those are probably more informative. This was a bit scattered. Some facts on pandas, some on polar bears, some on brown bears. I just thought a better job could have been done to make it more comprehensive.


Did you know?


There are 8 kinds of bears

Black bears (or their relatives) live on all continents except Africa and Australia

Bears can see as well as humans can.

Bears can be over 6 feet long and can weigh from 100-600 pounds

Polar Bears have partially webbed feet which help make them great swimmers

Brown Bears can grow to over 7 feet long.

Seals make up most of a Polar Bear’s diet