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Jellaby: Lost in the City

Jellaby: Monster in the City - Kean Soo

5 Stars, buy it


Netgalley review on iphone.


First Impression:  Seems as adorable as the previous one I’ve read (I’m not sure of the series order)


I love the purple coloring. (Showing my age: The purple reminds me of that ink that was used long ago when I was a kid).  Love love love this series. Jellaby is this purple dinosaur who doesn’t speak. Very sweet. I get the same juicy feeling from this that I get from the Owly books.


Plot/Storyline: Portia and Jason continue to help Jellaby. They find another creature who is sort of like Jellaby. This creature is mean and separates Portia from Jason and Jellaby by luring her with fantasies of her father. Fighting ensues. I will leave the ending undiscussed, however it is bittersweet. Then do make sure to read the short epilogue. Its a bit of a cliffhanger. Please oh Please oh Please let there be another Jellaby graphic novel in the works!!!  


In any case, overall this is amazing. LOVE. I will add this to my to purchase after review list.  Also incase anyone actually read these reviews. PLEASE make this available for kindle!!