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Jays! Learn About Jays and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Jays)

Jays! Learn About Jays and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! - Becky Wolff

4 Stars, Borrow or Buy


Like you can’t tell from me reviewing all of these Look and Learn books, I love animals. I believe I got this love from my dad.  When my sister and I were young, my mom worked nights at a newspaper. Sunday mornings my dad would try to let my mom sleep in late so he took my sister and I for walks.  My Dad loved birds and taught me a little bit on how to recognize him.  My dad died two days before my wedding in June 2008 and the 6th anniversary of his death is coming up. So in honor of him I decided to review the Jays Look and Learn. But if I remember correctly I believe my Dad really liked Cardinals so I will have to look and see if there is one for those. But anyway, that’s why I chose to not do a mammal this time. Also the cover is a Blue Jay and I’ve always thought they were really pretty.


Anyway, this is definitely one of the best in the series. The pictures were not pixelated and were a normal size. The book was also really strong on facts.

Did you know?


Jays can be found all over the world.

Jays are colorful relatives of crows and ravens. (I did not know that!)

Jays are federally threatened species (another I did not know that!)

The crests on Jays heads can show you three different moods (very cool!)

A jays feather will not lose its color no matter how long it is bleached by the sun (!!!)

Jays are very territorial

Jays have strong bonds- they commonly stay with parents for several years to help raise the next round of offspring. This only occurs in about 3% of birds (Very cool!!_

Jays are partners for life.