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The Parting: The Elsewhere Chronicles Book 5

The Parting (The Elsewhere Chronicles 5) - Nykko, Bannister, Corentin Jaffré

5 Stars, buy it.


This series is a serious guilty pleasure of mine. I love the art, I love the story and it’s simple to follow. This is the 5th in the series, out of 6 I believe. I’m holding out hope for more in the future but haven’t had time to research to see.  Basically is a great series about kids who go to the otherworld, a basic plot summary of this volume is below.  I do recommend if you are into young adult graphic novels.


Uncle Gabe and Max go into the cave and are attacked by a possessed creature. Then they are attacked by their friends. But Max and Uncle Gabe save them. Noah is taken by a sand whale.  Not sure if he is actually dead or not, so far they haven’t said.  I do love the attack dandelion creatures. So pretty but deadly.

Quote: “One man’s trash is another man’s dandelions.”