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I Was the Cat

I Was the Cat - Paul Tobin

Overall 2 Stars bombed


Netgalley Review


First Impression: Not impressed with the art style, but I am willing to give it a chance since it involves CATS!


Talking cats are always good. Takes place in the U.K. I like how some of the text boxes are shaped like cats. Dislike The way Reggie is drawn. Her hair is horrible and she is just ugly.


Overall  a failure. I was hoping for something awesome instead I got a ridiculous story of a cat trying to take over the world. (We all know cats already rule, but that’s besides the point).  The story was weak and slow. The art was pretty lousy.  And the ending was lame. Do not recommend this to anyone.  A little bit of plot summary follows. Oh and there was one funny quote which I have below after the summary.


Chapter One- We are introduced to the characters. Alison Breaking is a journalist with a blog. To make extra money she helps ghost write memoirs. She gets offered a job to help write a memoir for an unusual subject- You guessed it, a talking cat. Chapter two- we learn about Burma's experiences in war. Chapter three- Alison and her friend Reggie are stalking Burma. Chapter four- we learn how Burma was Puss in Boots in a previous life and how he tried to take over the world again. We also learn Burma was around when Queen Elizabeth was. We also learn that Burma has some kind of secret agents working for him.Chapter 5- We learn Burma also met Napoleon. Burma. Burma is plotting something though it is not revealed exactly what.

Chapter 6- Burma met Audrey Hepburn previously. And we learn he is having agents killed.

Chapter 7/8- In which we learn Burma was associated with the person on whom Moriarity was based, as in Sherlock Holmes. Chapter 9- A stranger tries to contact Alison Breaking and chaos ensues for this mystery character. It’s somehow related to Burma. Chapter Ten-Burma knew Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge. Chapter 11- Reggie gets lost in Burma’s house after a bathroom break and discovers his weapon stash and computer control room and gets trapped by cats. Chapter 12- Reggie is rescued but demands to leave with Alison. They discover their apartment has been broken in too. Chapter 13- The End


“ In exactly what kind of mob fight does one contract a venereal disease?