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Fossas! Learn About Fossas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Fossas) - Becky Wolff

3 Stars, Borrow it.


I know next to nothing about Fossas, so I thought I’d take a go at this one. They are pretty darned cute but also a bit weird looking. Pictures are standard for the series and become a bit boring since most Fossas seem to be the same color without much variety. Some facts are repeated like they were desperate for more information to put in the book.  It seems weak on facts but definitely wasn’t horrible. I’d give this 3 Stars and borrow it.

Did you know?


Fossas are one of the largest members of the mongoose family

Fossas are the top predator native to Madagascar

Fossas are known to eat lemurs (bummer, I like Lemurs!)

Fosssas are solitary animals