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Damian: Son of Batman

Damian: Son of Batman - Andy Kubert, Grant Morrison

Overall: 3.5 Stars, Borrow it


Star Rating Art:  4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 3 Stars


Netgalley Review.


I don’t know the story of Batman and how his son came about. Eventually I hope I’ll figure out which freaking storyline that is shown in and will read it. But until then, I will read what I can. So this was available on netgalley and so I requested it.   SPOILERS from here on out:

Batman dies at the beginning and Damian goes to his mother for help. I assumed Batman was Bruce Wayne in this so I got confused when an older man was called father (who turned out to be Bruce) by Damian.  Not sure though which batman died then.  Grayson maybe? Anyway, Damian becomes the next Batman. Alfred collapses after rescusing the new batman and somehow possesses a cat. A “new” Joker kidnaps Bruce Wayne and Damian/Batman goes after them. One complaint, If you want people to actually read and review, you should make the text less hard to read. The text is faint and annoying.  Originality: Love how Alfred became a cat in this!  I found that the first section, which was about Damian becoming Batman, awkward. It seems to just kind of randomly ended.  

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The Second section is called The Legend of The Batman.  Didn’t enjoy this part much, it was text heavy and boring. Art was decent to good but hard to tell in an ARC copy read on my iphone.

Anyway overall this was decent. The story was fine but a bit boring. But it is Batman, and I love Batman. But this wasn’t that great. But it is worth a read if you like Batman but I recommend borrowing it if possible.