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Sarah Mclachlan- Shine On Review


Average Rating of All of the songs: 4.2  But it’s Sarah so I’ll round up to 4.5 Stars


This is her best album in a long time. The last two albums were ok, nothing great though. She seems to be back into the swing of things with this one. I highly recommend it to everyone. Also I appologize for the funky formatting, I don't have time to fix it right now.


In Your Shoes-  Very catchy and good for the radio but I don’t think this will be a favorite. A typicalSarah Mclachlan Song. It was supposedly written as a bullying song but then turned almost into a tribute to a girl in Pakistan or Afghanistan, can’t remember which.   4 Stars

                        Flesh and Blood- Another one I think will be really radio friendly as it is 

catchy.  I am enjoying this  one a lot. 4.5 Stars


            Monsters-  Absolutely fantastic. SO amazing.   This one blows me    

away and is a bit different for Sarah. Quite possibly my favorite song

on the album. 5 Stars


Broken Heart- So beautiful. This one she is channeling Nora Jones.             This will be a lot of peoples favorites. All Piano. 4.5 Stars


Surrender and Certainty- I think this might be my LEAST favorite       

song. Very slow, very boring. 3 Stars


Song for my Father- Short but sweet. All accoustic guitar. Beautiful

tribute to her father. Another 4.5 Stars


                        Turn the Lights Down Low- Another really beautiful song. 5 Stars


Love Beside Me-  Another potential radio song.  I like this one a lot.4 Stars



Brink of Destruction- Piano song. Classic Sarah. A little on the boring side but still better than some of the songs on her last two albums. 3.5 Stars


Beautiful Girl-  Incredibly beautiful song. Just lovely 5 Stars


The Sound Love Makes- Another favorite. DIfferent for Sarah as it’s played on a ukulele. I bet not

lot of people will like this, but I just love it. Such a happy song. 5 Stars


What’s it Gonna Take- Another beautiful song on the piano. Obviously about her ready to move

on from her divorce. 4 Stars


Little B- I’m guessing about her daughters. Pretty and cute but not noteworthy. 3 Stars