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The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson

Star Rating Art:  5 Stars

Star Rating Story:  5 Stars


Self purchase for Kindle.  This is a re-read review. But it’s been so long (15 years?) since I’ve read it, it’s like reading it new,


Still not a fan of when Spaceman Spiff is involved. Favorite things about C & H:  Hobbes attacking Calvin when he gets home from school. SO CUTE and hilarious.  Snowball fights, decapitated snowmen scenes, and scenes where C & H are flying through the air from their wagon are awesome. I Love it when Hobbes goes poofy from shock. I love the babysitter Roslyn.  LOVE when Calvin turns himself into a tiger (SO FREAKING CUTE)



“Gacck! I was hoping it wouldn’t be so fuzzy!”- Calvin upon being kissed by Hobbes when he asked what kissing a girl was like.

“Never argue with a six year old who shaves”