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Explorer: The Lost Islands

Explorer 2: The Lost Islands - Kazu Kibuishi

Overall rating: 4 Stars, borrow it.


Self purchase, paperback.


I want to say upfront, that everything that Kibuishi does, is amazing. I love the flight series and Explorer anthologies he compiled. I love the amulet series as well. With the exception of the Michel Gagne story, I didn’t find this compilation as compelling as the flight series or the first explorer series.   I will always follow Kibuishi’s work as normally it’s fantastic. This volume just had a bunch of only average stories. The following are my by story reviews:


Rabbit Island by Jake Parker:  This story was very moral. For some reason it annoyed me although it wasn’t religious or anything. Art wasn’t bad but nothing fantastic either.  Art: 3 Stars  Story: 3 Stars      


The Mask Dance by Chrystin Garland:  I like the blue and green coloring. The story is actually a little scary.        art: 3 Stars  story: 4 Stars


Carapace by Jason Caffoe      I really like the art, but the main characters face didn’t look so great so I downgraded the art by half a star.  The story is fantastic. A guy wakes up on an island with all of these bizarre creatures and he makes friends with one of them. Original and beautiful.  art: 4.5 Stars  Story: 5 Stars


Desert Island Playlist by Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier and colors by Braden Lamb. Nicely drawn and colored, nice story but not amazing. Sweet and pretty.  Art:  4 stars Story: 4 stars


Loah by Michel Gagne-  I LOVE everything that Michel Gagne does. Just amazing art. This is as good as everything else he does. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE   art: 5 Stars  story: Stars


Radio Adrift by Katie and Steven Shanahan, colors by Eric Kim and Selena Dizazzo. A cute story about a young girl who is a mage in training and has to get a pixie egg to hatch.   Art: 4 Stars  Story: 4 Stars


The Fishermen by Kazu Kibuishi and colors by Jason Caffoe   I’ve never been a big fan of fisherman stories so this story didn’t have much of a chance with me. But the art is good. Art: 4 Stars  Story: 3.5 Stars

art:4    story: 4 Star