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Ninja Meerkats #1

Ninja Meerkats (#1): The Clan of the Scorpion - Gareth Jones

2.5 Stars


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Not really a graphic novel. It’s more of a kids book with some brief, quickly drawn sketches of Meerkats. But I don’t mean to imply it’s bad, just not what I was expecting as it’s labeled as a graphic novel.


4 Meerkats are Ninjas and they named them (I assume) after famous martial artists: Bruce, jet, Donnie and chuck (don't know the last two so maybe only two are?). Lots of puns and jokes.  Cute but I’m abandoning it at 50% in because it’s mainly silly jokes. Some kids books work well for adults but this isn’t one of them.  I won’t be reading the rest in the series as I was really really bored and have very limited reading time anyway.