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The Goblin Emperor

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison

Star Rating: 4 stars


Netgalley review


First Impression: Surprisingly good, well written.


I feel like some of the made up words for certain aspects of the Goblins buildings and what not very confusing so I didn’t always understand what the writer was referring to. Even the names are really complicated, though I understand the necessity of that. But seriously, the names of the characters and some of the terms are really hard to master.  It’s worse than George R.R. Martin characters and plots because none of it really flows off the tongue.  Anyway I’m going to refer to the main Goblin character as the Goblin Emperor since the name is too freaking complicated.  


I really like the character, he is thrown unprepared into being an Emperor and he struggles to learn what he needs to do and how to behave. He doesn’t understand the court politics and has to learn quickly. He is a nice person and seems to treat people/elves/goblins well. I like seeing how he grows and develops as an Emperor.  I find myself happy and sad whenever he is.


Originality:  High points for originality.


Overall, a great book. The book ends a little abrubtly in my opinion. It sort of leaves open the possibility of another book but it also wraps up decently if there isn’t. I do hope another one related to this world would be released as I enjoyed this alot. I think I will mark as a favorite for the year so far even if I am only giving four stars.  


One last point to make. Sometimes reading on a Kindle is a disadvantage and in this case it really was. I had no idea there was a dictionary/glossary of terms in the back of the book which would have made reading this a lot easier.  If any editors read this, especially for Kindle editions, I would put the glossary in the front so we know there is one.  I do hope that one day, Kindle books will have a way to jump to and from the glossarys of books.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

New feature in reviews for me: BBB it. Buy, Borrow or Bomb it.   I would lean toward buying this one but if one is short on cash then just Borrow it.