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Charm School, Issue #1

Charm School Digital No 1 - Elizabeth Watasin

5 Stars


Self purchase, Kindle Edition. This is a re-read review. But I haven’t read the comics since they first came out.


Originality: Extremely Original


Art/Colors: My only complaint is that the font in a few places is a little hard to read. I don’t know if this is because its the Kindle edition or not.  But I DO love the art. Anything with faeries earns bonus points for me since I love faeries


Characters:.  Bunny. She is attractive and funny (although not usually a fan of blond women). I like how she’s curvy, sexy and feminie PLUS she’s GAY! Dean, a bit too butchy for my taste, but still I like her.  Fairer than, is very much trouble.


Overall, as good as I remember. But reading issues is hard since 26 pages is not just very long.  There some cute panels at the end where Bunny and Fairer than talk to the readers but its not plot related.  There is also a few cute pages where Bunny is talking with a doctor over her obsession with Fairer than.

If you haven’t read these before, or even if you have, I highly recommend them.  So far only 4 issues are out on Kindle but more are coming. I don’t know if the collected graphic novels will be on kindle.  But Elizabeth Watasin (author and artist) is on Booklikes.