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Tib & Tum Tum Volume 2: My Amazing Dinosaur

Tib & Tum Tum Volume 2: My Amazing Dinosaur - Grimaldi (Author),  Bannister (Illustrator)

Overall: 4 Stars


Star Rating Art: 5

Star Rating Story:3 Stars


Netgalley Review

No one wants to play with Tib and his mom doesn’t want him to play with the Dinosaur.   The group of kids trick him into climbing rocks/mountains and Tum Tum comes to his rescue. Mom still isn’t convinced and she ends up having the tribe leader create a school for the children. Where the children learn about animal poop. Tib then finds out about Tum Tum’s poop. And there the issue ends.  I liked it and all, but I liked #1 better.  I feel the story was a little flat in this one. However the art was just as good as the first.