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Silver - Chris Wooding

Star Rating: 3 Stars


Netgalley Review


I actually discovered Chris Wooding through netgalley. It was that or I won a book through goodreads. In anycase I really like his tales of the Ketty Jay series so I got excited when netgalley was offering this.  This book is a weird mixture of Harry Potter (without Magic) and The Walking Dead. No other way to really describe it. I like the book but the teenagers are so damn annoying I want to smack them.


Paul is kinda a boring character though a little mysterious and brooding. Erika is an annoying teen girl, the type I avoided like the plague in highschool because they always hated me. . At first I hated Adam because he’s a bully but I started liking him when “shit got real”. LOL. Anyway, I normally love young adult books, but I find the characters, too teenagery, very annoying.  The plot is really thin, and I feel like this would have been better as a short story because there is just to many teenagers running around screaming.

Despite initially liking the book, I gave up at 72% in because the teenagers were just too damn annoying. Also, not much happens. I’m sad I didn’t like this more since I like the authors other work but it was too irritating to finish.