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Skunks! Look and Learn!

Skunks! Learn About Skunks and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Skunks) - Becky Wolff

3.5 Stars.


My husband and I once stalked a skunk (dangerous, I know) in a fieldd in Shennadoah National Park. Have pictures and video of it somewhere.  We stayed far enough away that it didn’t get scared.  That year we bought a stuffed animal skunk from the souvenir shop and our son now loves “Squirt”- the tag named it that.


I do love the baby skunk photos. Very SQUUEEE!!! I liked seeing pictures of the varieties of the skunks. Ok seriously?? I could have used without the photos of the taxidermied skunks. WTF?? This is supposed to be for children. OY. This does not bode well for this version of Look and Learn.


Overall, it is one of the better ones of the Look and Learn series. Lots of facts and pretty pictures. However, it had to loose half a star due to dead animal pictures. Sigh. At least it wasn’[t with a hunter and a gun this time (see Moose Look and Learn Review)

Did you know?


A skunk’s spray is an oily liquid produced by glands under it’s tail.

A skunk can spray as far away as 10 feet

Skunks usually give birth in May

Skunks are immune to snake venom

There are 11 species of skunk around the world