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Emily and the Strangers: The Battle of the Bands

Emily and the Strangers Volume 1 - 'Rob Reger',  'Mariah Huehner'

5 Stars

Netgalley review.

Ooh I love.  Another Young Adult graphic novel that I love. This is my first introduction to Emily Stranger.    Art is amazing and fills the pages. Emily, the Lead is a smart girl. What a concept!!! I love that she has attitude and loves to be on her own. Love that she yells, SO Freaking awesome character. Love how there are lots of cats, even a black one named Sabbath. I love Raven, the girl with the awesome purple hair who turns out to be a bot that Emily created. The black twins are also really awesome. I love how everyone has different colored hair. Basic plot snyopsis: Emily Strange wins a haunted guitar. But she’s required to have a band to play in. So she is forced to socialize (you can tell she isn’t great at that which I love).  In case you couldn’t tell, I really loved this. I highly recommend this, especially if you have a daughter or love young adult graphic novels.

Quotes: “It’s like herding cats, only at least cats are useful sometimes.”