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Owls! Look and Learn

Owls! Learn About Owls and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Owls) - Becky Wolff

4 Stars


The very first picture is pixelated but that’s to be expected with this series. Some of the pictures are really cute even if they aren’t the best quality.   Some in this series are terrible, others average and a few rare ones are really good. I think the Owl one is well done. Though I refuse to give it 5 stars because the pictures are crappy quality per usual.  But the facts were well researched and interesting so a useful volume of the look and learn.

Did you know?


Owls make a variety of noises, not just the familiar hoot.  (I did not know this).

There are more than 200 different Owl species.

Owls live on every continent except Antartica.

An Owl can open and close its ears (I didn’t know this).

The smallest owl is the elf owl. (Anyone who knows me knows i LOVE this as I love fairies and