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10+ things bandwagon

Ok, so I'm jumping in on the ten things about me bandwagon.


1. I'm bisexual though I'm married to a man and have a 3 1/2 year old son.

2. I've always been painfully shy though it's gotten better as I've gotten older.

3. I still consider myself Pagan/Wiccan though I'm not part of a circle any longer.

4. My Ex partner of 8 years introduced me to graphic novels and I still love them

5. My husband and I have 3 cats: Itchy, Scratcy (Yes from The Simpsons) and Merlyn (From the Jack Whyte Series)

6. I'm a tad addicted to my iphone, in particular, the Tree World game. Any of my followers play it? If so let me know so we can be neighbors if you are interested.

7. I'm perfectly content being the mother of an only child and recently was invited to join an online group of people who have only one child. It's nice to have a place to vent about that.

8. Though I swore I'd never read electronic books, I rarely purchase paperback or hardback books anymore. I do most of my reading commuting to and from work and my Kindle lets me carry as many books as I want.

9. I LOVE fairies. Very much so.

10. I have 5 tattoos: two of which are fairies

11. I love all animals, but my favorite is the Meerkat.

12. I used to have pet rats, and they make amazing pets.