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Mongooses! Look and Learn

Mongooses! Learn About Mongooses and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Mongooses) - Becky Wolff


It looks like a Meerkat so I’m really hoping this one is good. Adorable critter.


The pictures are ok quality, and of course small like most of these in the series.


This one is very fact heavy and very informative. I like that there is a yellow moongoose which is sometimes called a red meerkat.


Did you know?


Mongooses are carnivores related to weasals.

Mongooses weigh from 12 ozs to 11 pounds

Mongooses live in burrows but they seldom dig holes for themselves, they move into burrows made by other creatures

Some Mongosoes are nocturnal, others are diurnal

Mongooses are fast and can avoid snakes easily