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Emilie and the Sky World

Emilie and the Sky World - Martha Wells

Star Rating: DNF 3 stars




First Impression: Gotta love anything with skyships.

I really, really wanted to like this book. It had the potential to be fantastic but it fell flat and I stopped at about 50%. I liked the main character Emilie, she was believable and had the just right amount of spunk. The flower creature Hyacynth was pretty cool as well.  However, the rest of the characters were boring and uninteresting.   I had a hard time trying to focus on the story, my mind kept wandering.  Some of the descriptions also didn’t seem to make much sense.  An example being the characters are on an airship and the wall is being described as not being a wall but having a ball and socket joint. WTH is that supposed to mean?  And the descriptions of the folded silver paper navigation objects seriously confused me.  If an adult is getting confused by some of the descriptions, I can’t imagine how kids would feel about reading these descriptions.  Also just for the record, loved the cover for this.