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Cat Crazy: A Mutts Treasury

Cat Crazy: A Mutts Treasury - Patrick McDonnell Cat Crazy Star Rating Art:   4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 4 Stars
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First Impression: Juicy, but seems like a lot of themes, topics he’s used previously.
Love when mooch is the Sphynx. I can never get enough of those puns!!!!  I like how McDonnell is using some graphics or animals that he obviously hasn’t drawn, it freshens it up a bit.  The book is incredibly juicy and sweet.  The shelter stories as always touch me, I love the classroom jokes. The book club jokes are ok, but I like the comic con strips a lot.  Patrick McDonnell must be the sweetest person ever since he writes the juciest, sweetest strips around.  I also loved when Earl and Mooch go trick or treating and the Thanksgiving stri[s. Those are always so sweet.  Over all a good book, but not as good as previous collections.