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Hopeless, Maine Volume 2: Inheritance

Inheritance - Tom Brown, Rebecca Taylor, Nimue Brown Overall: 4 Stars
Star Rating Art: 5 Stars
Star Rating Story: 3.5 Stars

Netgalley Review.

Another graphic novel I am jumping in on not at the start.

First Impression: Art is promising. I am a little confused but it’s not a surprise

Art is haunting and gorgeous. Like Athur Rackum drawing alien creatures. Love that there is a character named Owen- my sons name. Story seems disjointed, like there are missing pages.

Plot/Storyline: A bit confusing but probably because I haven’t read the first volume.
Art/Colors: Beautiful but dark. Very surreal.

All the characters are believable and good, but I just didn’t get into them very much. I know I didn’t start with the first book but I did the same thing with Gunnerkrigg Court and got hooked from reading the 4th volume 1st. I think other people might like it more than me so I would recommend it. But I do recommend starting with Volume 1.