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Suitcase of Stars (Enchanted Emporium)

Suitcase of Stars - Pierdomenico Baccalario, Iacopo Bruno Suitcase of Stars: Enchanted Emporium Star Rating: 4 Stars
Netgalley book. Wasn’t available for my kindle (darn it) so I had to read it on my iphone.
First Impression: Promising, some nice pretty language.
This is a story of a boy who gets in trouble for skipping school. He finds out about this magical emporium. A young girl helps run this store and magical adventures ensue.   This is very whimsical. Perfect word for it. I really enjoyed it.  .  I like Finley, he’s not made out to be perfect. Just an average kid who is skipping school.  I’m not sure if this is going to be a series or not but if it is, I definitely would want to read the follow up.
I love the graphics that break up the chapters that are explanations of magical items. Very well done.
I should state I read this in two stages because I had the flu for almost two weeks and wasn’t able to read it. However, I still really thought this was sweet and worth reading.
Things that annoyed me:  I know this is a children’s book so I’m trying not to judge too harshly. But seriously people. If this is a castle, there should not be wallpaper on the walls and no writing on the ceiling. Maybe I missed something but this detailed annoyed me. Castles did not have wallpaper.
Writing: Nice writing, better writing then most children’s books which I give bonus points for. The writing style doesn’t assume children are stupid and need only small words. Very pretty writting.
“On windy days, the sky was clear and the clouds sped by like wool through the threads of a loom.”