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American Vampire Vol. 3

American Vampire Vol. 3 - Scott Snyder American Vampire, Volume 3 Star Rating Art:  4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 4 Stars
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First Impression: Seems as good as the others.
Plot/Storyline:  The Intro kinda threw me and didn’t enjoy it, but once I got to the regular cast of characters, I started liking it again.
Art/Colors: Still really liking the inky art.
I’m having a hard time with the review because I haven’t had a chance to read this during the week off from work.    But the Survival of the fittest story line looks good so far.  Felicia Book seems like a kick ass character. She has to be cool with the last name book right? Anyway,
I loved the Survival of the fittest story, but don’t remember the earlier story line much. Art is great, and it can’t get much scarier than combining Nazis and the Vampires. Recommend it if you are into graphic novels and vampires.