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The Order of the Owls (Capstone Young Readers: Minerva Mint)

The Order of the Owls - Elisa Puricelli Guerra Minerva Mint: The Court of Owls Star Rating:  5 Stars
Netgalley Review.
First Impression:  Promising. I like the illustrations.
Minor Spoilers.
Love, love, love this book. Absolutely adorable. Can’t wait for more books in the series!! Highly recommend for people who like books for children.
Plot/Storyline:  A little baby girl is left in a bag with a deed to a house in a train station. A woman who works at the station finds her and they go to live together in the house.  Minerva, the young girl, yearly, has to fight off people pretending to be her parents.  She also has this ability to know when people are lieing: her foot starts tickeling. Also there are houses with secret passages. Who doesn’t love a house with secret passages??
Characters:  Minerva Mint is adorable. She’s just the right mixture of trouble, spunk and cuteness.  Even the so called bad guys really aren’t all that bad so there’s very little anxiety wise.
The Parrot who is rude is hysterical. I want a bird like that. If I didn’t have three cats.
Writing: Smart writing that doesn’t speak down to kids.