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The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes (A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury)

The Authoritative Calvin And Hobbes - Bill Watterson The Authoratative Calvin and Hobbes: Kindle Edition Star Rating Art:  5 Stars
Star Rating Story: 5 Stars
Self purchase, Kindle Edition.
This is technically a re-read as I’ve read all the books. However it’s been so long it will be like reading them new again.  The last time I read these, it was pre having my son. It will be interesting to see how I feel about these now that I have a little boy.
Calvin and Hobbes means a lot to me. A little history. My Dad passed away 2 days before my wedding 5 ½ years ago. Yes, that sucked. Cried a lot of my honeymoon. Anyway, My Dad always loved reading and he is the reason I’m a total reader. My Dad never gave me a hard time for what I read, even if it was Fantasy, something he never liked.  My Dad didn’t read much fiction. However, he LOVED comic strips.  Dad got me into comic strips via Calvin and Hobbes.  So this strip is a huge reminder of my Dad and I was so thrilled when they were recently released for the kindle.  Anyway, Calvin and Hobbes is just as good as I remembered. I’ve already gotten the next treasury for my Kindle. So thrilled to be reading this again, it makes me feel so good.
I’ve forgotten:
    How damn cute Hobbes is when his tail gets all fluffy/poofy like a scared cat!   LOVE LOVE LOVE
    That Calvin really isn’t that bad. Just a little kid
    and love how cute Calvin and Hobbes are when they are flying upside down (like when being ejected from their wagon)
Things I don’t like:
    I’m not a huge fan of the giant monsters/fantasy sequences.
    Spaceman Spiff
Favorite Quotes:
“ I couldn’t read it because my parents forgot to pay the gravity bill.”-Calvin
“The Game’s over tuna brain!”
" being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time."