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Courtney Crumrin and the Night things collection - Ted Naifeh Star Rating Art: 5 Stars
Star Rating Story: 5 Stars

Self purchase, hard back. Special Colored edition.

First Impression: Purple, what can be bad? I like it, it doesn’t seem to sugarcoat childhood. Also a great introduction. And I normally skip them.

Art/Colors: Loving the artwork and colors

Cover: Beautiful. Can’t go wrong with Purple.

This book is so freaking awesome. I LOVE it. I so identify with Courtney Crumrin. I never talked to people or had many friends. And I was always cranky and hated people. Courtney Crumrin is all that and more. She see’s spirits/faeries/goblins (which I love) and her parents are pretentious snobs who have no clue what is going on around them. She does have someone who sees the world like she does, Uncle A. My favorite story (4 in book) is the one where she babysits. Hysterical!!!! Great art, great story, generally FREAKING AWESOME. Time to go order the next one.