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The Mark of the Dragonfly

The Mark of the Dragonfly - Jaleigh Johnson

Star Rating: 3 ½ Stars


Netgalley review.


First Impression:  I’m impressed, just jumps right into the action. I like that.

With netgalley, I don’t have good luck picking out books to read. I get good luck with the graphic novels. But this one is impressing me.   I have to say that this book is really hard to categorize.  It’s a little YA. A little Dystopia, a little Fantasy and a smidgeon of steampunk.   Oh and maybe a little sci-fi.


The premise is that in this dystopia type world, meteors strike the planet and everyone has to take cover. When you are allowed out, the people go running and search for treasures from other worlds (example being a Wizard of Oz Book). The people sell the treasures to make money for food etc. While it sounds a little cheesy, it’s working for me.  I love the names of the main characters too. Piper, a young girl and Micah, a young boy (turns out, barely in the book but still love the name).  . Anna, the name is a bit boring and the character is a bit air heady but still likeable.

I really wanted to give this book 4 or 4 ½ stars since it was quite a page turner for me.  But unfortunately, the ending was so anti-climatic I had to drop to 3 ½ stars.  The ending just kind of ruined it.  The ending was too damned easy. Arg. I really wanted to love this. I was hoping it would be an ending that leads to another in a series but it doesn’t look like it.