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Happy 40th to Me!! (today is the actual day!)

Dragon Prince  - Melanie Rawn I Just Want to Pee Alone: A Collection of Humorous Essays by Kick Ass Mom Bloggers - Stacey Hatton, Rebecca Gallagher, Robyn Welling, Susan McLean, Karen Alpert, Julianna W. Miner, Anna Luther, Keesha Beckford, Brenna Jennings, Nicole Leigh Shaw, Jessica Watson, J.D. Bailey, Stephanie Giese, Suzanne Fleet, Patti Ford, Kerry Rossow, Kim Bongiorno, Amy Bozz Touchstone  - Melanie Rawn

Got a few books from my sister. Husband promises me a few more later too! From my sister: The Dragon Prince Series from Melanie Rawn is what got me into fantasy. I haven't read it in so long. I can 't wait to re-read this. TThe other two are new for me.