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Bobcats! Look and Learn

Bobcats! Learn About Bobcats and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Bobcats) - Becky Wolff

And today’s Look and Learn is Bobcats.


My husband and I actually saw a bobcat in the wild in California. We were on vacation, I believe before we were married and we were up in the mountains visiting a national park. If I remember correctly, we were coming down from the mountain in our rental car and a bobcat streaked across the roadway. We pulled over to see if we could see it but it was gone. It was definitely a bobcat, we looked at tons of photos later and we agreed that it was a Bobcat. Very cool.


Pictures are pretty standard for the series.  Some are actually quite gorgeous. They are not too badly pixilated and there are a lot of them. However, being an animal lover, I did not need to see the bobcat with a dead mouse in its mouth. Seriously, this series is meant for kids. Won’t rate it lower because of it because this is what animals do. But I love rodents, I didn’t need to see a dead one.


Over all I give this one 4 stars. It had a lot of useful facts and there were a lot of pretty photos.


Did you know?


Lynx’s are bobcat’s cousins

Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal so they are rarely spotted by humans (I guess we were really lucky!!!)

Bobcats are roughly twice the size as housecats

Most bobcats are brown or brownish red (the one we saw was greyish)

Babies remain with their mother nine to 12 months

Bobcats are excellent swimmers and enjoy playing in the water