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The Shadow Volume 3

The Shadow Volume 3 Tp - Chris Roberson, Giovanni Timpano, Alex Ross

3 Stars, both for art and story


Netgalley review.


This is another I’m jumping in on volume 3 to see if I like the series. I’ve had both bad and good luck with doing this so we shall see what happens with this.  


First Impression: Seems promising, has a similar feel to Batman, but slightly earlier time period I think. (this is a really good thing, as Batman is favorite superhero). Actually maybe like Batman mixed with Dick Tracey.


The dialogue can get a bit cheesy at times. But otherwise not to bad.  The shadow is fighting this holy nun who is determined to hand out her own justice. I could have done without her holy lectures.   Art/Colors: I am enjoying the dark colors. I can’t really say how good the art is as I’m reading this on my cell phone. It seems decent enough. But the digital quality is 100%.


Characters:  The Shadow seems dark and brooding and interesting. The Phantom/Light is an interesting bad woman.


Writing:  Grammar Patrol: You did not write that: “My lunges could be quicker.” NO DAMN it. Your lunges could be faster. OY.

Overall, I’d read another volume of the Shadow. But I’m not sure I would pay to read it.