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Beavers, Look and Learn

Beavers! Learn About Beavers and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Beavers) - Becky Wolff

And today’s Look and Learn review will be Beavers!


2 Stars.  It wasn’t as horrible as the Moose one, but it’s certainly not as good as the others. Skip this one, not that interesting and the pictures are freaking tiny.


Have I mentioned I have a zillion of these to go through?  (Also, I keep checking, everyfew days there are different ones for free, just checked and am finding more of them!!)


My husband and I once went to Maine on vacation (right after he proposed to me) looking for Moose. While we were there, stalking Moose, a Beaver scared the crap out of me by slapping his tail on the water. It made me drop my camera so I didn’t get a picture of it. I was pissed not because the Beaver scared me, but because I wasn’t able to get a picture.  I had thought it was a turtle but my now husband said it definitely was a Beaver.


Faults-  All the images are tiny. WTH?

One of the facts? The Beaver has a large, wide, head? Seriously? You couldn’t find anything more interesting than that to say?? Even children, who this series aims for, wouldn’t care about that as a fact.

Did you know?


Beavers are semi nocturnal

Beavers are the second largest rodent

Adult beavers weigh 30-60 pounds

Beavers are vegetarian

Beavers cause $100 million in property damage yearly