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Red Sonja Volume 1

Red Sonja Volume 1: Queen Of Plagues - Jenny Frison, Walter Geovanni, Gail Simone

Star Rating Art:    2 Stars

Star Rating Story:  2 Stars


Overall: 2 Stars


Netgalley Review


This, is not something I normally would pick up for myself comic wise. However, the writer is Gail Simone. While normally I don’t remember writers and authors names unless I have done a lot of reading of their work.   Gaile Simone quit writing batgirl because the stupid editors wouldn’t let Batgirl get married to her partner.  Anything LGBT related gets me fired up.  So I decided to give this a shot.  Also? I love redheads. Women readheads.


Not impressed. This was seriously written by a woman? ” We’re not couriers O She of the excellent cleavage.”- WTF???   The art is definitely done by a man as the women all look like they have breast implants. Oy.

I had to give up on this.  I really should have predicted I wouldn’t like this but I was hoping that maybe I wouldn’t.  All this seems to be is people fighting for various reasons. Very  boring and unoriginal.