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Courtney Crumrin Volume 5: The Witch Next Door

Courtney Crumrin:The Witch Next Door - Ted Naifeh

Star Rating Art:  5 Stars

Star Rating Story:  4 Stars

Overall  4.5 Stars


Netgalley Review.


However, I have already pre-ordered the hardback version because I love this series so much. I was so excited I could read it early on Netgalley.


Overall, very good.  But the first part of the book was weaker than the rest.  The Last chapter is where things get really interesting with Uncle A being sick and Courtney having to go on the run.  The parts with the neighbor started out good but then got boring.  So this book was really a mix for me.  I really hope there are a few more volumes before the series ends as the back of the book says the last two volumes were done in 2010.

First chapter- a flashback via reading of a diary.  I was a little confused as to who the people in the flashback were supposed to be. But I assume once I read more it will make more sense.


A minor complaint, this applys only to the digital copy, is that the text seems hard to read, a bit fuzzy.  I assume, that the book copy will be different.


Chapter two- In which a new girl Holly comes to town. Seems to be a bit like Courtney. Courtney teaches her some magic and of course trouble comes calling.


Chapter three- Courtney and Holly are trapped in Goblin town. Not impressed with this story line really.


Chapter four-  Bit boring. Courtney and Holly are separated.


Chapter five-  a bit confusing but things get very facinating.

Art/Colors: Is as good as the previous books as far as I can tell from the digital copy.