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Courtney Crumrin:The Witch Next Door - Ted Naifeh The Line - J.D. Horn Red Sonja Volume 1: Queen Of Plagues - Jenny Frison, Walter Geovanni, Gail Simone The Shadow Volume 3 Tp - Chris Roberson, Giovanni Timpano, Alex Ross Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library - Chris Grabenstein Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol The Essential Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson

1. Courtney Crumrin Volume 5:  So excited. LOVE this graphic novel series.  I got it via netgalley. But I have also pre-ordered the hardback version


2. The Line- Amazon Prime Freebee. I have yet to get around to reading any of these but I will continue to get them


3. Red Sonja- Graphic Novel from Netgalley. Have doubts but i've been pleasantly surprised about others so will give this a try after accidently requesting this


4. The Shadow Volume 3- Another netgalley one. Haven't read the first two in the series but it's paid off before when I've started with a later volume so will try with this one as well.


5. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library- Recommened to me via Amazon and it looked to cute for words, Books about books always lure me in.


6. Anya's Ghost- Graphic novel given to me by the hubby for Xmas


7. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes- Self purchase for Kindle as I want all Calvin and Hobbes on my Kindle.