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The Adventures of Caterwaul the Cat

The Adventures of Caterwaul the Cat: Feline Pie - Damon Plumides, Arthur Mark Boerke


Netgalley review.

  I didn't make it very far in this book.  I tried twice. Once about a month ago. Didn't like it but decided to give it some more time. Tried again and got maybe about 10% in.  The writing isn't terrible but the story was so incredibly insipid. I thought I was getting a story about a cat but I got this weird stupid girl stuff about a witch getting old.  Even if that was only one tiny part of the story, it was so annoying i just refused to read further.  I imagine this is supposed to be aimed at girls, but if I had a daughter, I would not let her read this. What utter stupidity. Don't waste your time. If you want good cat books, read the Warriors series.