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Squirrel's Look and Learn

Squirrels! Learn About Squirrels and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Squirrels) - Becky Wolff

And today’s look and learn review is Squirrels.  For 2014 I got a calendar on Squirrels for my cubicle at work. And the little red squirrel has been looking at me very cutely since last week. So when I went to pick which animal of the Look and Learn to review it was actually easy. I still have a bunch to go, but I’m not getting new ones either.  Of course there is the usual pixalated photos with this series, but the baby squirrel’s are SO FREAKING CUTE. Red Squirrels?? SO  CUTE. Pictures are killing me with the cuteness.


Not to get nitpicky, but technically a chipmunk isn’t a squirrel (as far as I know). So why the heck is there a picture of a chipmunk with the Squirrels? I love chipmunks, but they should have there own book.


So overall, not bad 3.5 for facts. But 4.5 stars for the pictures, so I’ll give this an even 4 stars.


Normally I delete these from my kindle after I review them, but I think I’ll keep this one, as I loved the photos so much.


Did you know?


A Squirrel’s brain is almost the size of a walnut.

A male squirrel makes a sneezing sound when ready to mate.

The female squirrel gives birth to 4-8 offspring at a time.

Squirrels can run up to speed of 20 miles per hour.

Squirrels have sweat glands on their feet but no where else.