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Not feeling the love Batman

Batman: Li'l Gotham Vol. 1 - Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs


Netgalley review. Read via my iphone


2.5 Stars

Not feeling the love.  I really really wanted to love this. The watercolor art is really nice. But the story is just annoying me. I have to give up because I don’t want to waste time on something i’m not enjoying. But I almost made it to 50%.

SPOILERS:  Interesting. Each little story is based around a holiday.  Impressed they know the true origins of Halloween (Pagan holiday) with which they start. A huge bonus Kudos for getting this right. Guess it’s not surprising, Comics attracts a lot of Pagans.  Incase you haven’t guessed, I’m Pagan.  Halloween, Batman and Robin round up the other young kiddo’s that are dressed as themselves. For the Thanksgiving part, it’s amusing to see Penguin trying to save the turkeys:  “Feel Our Turkey Wrath!” In Christmas, the Commissioner believes Bruce Wayne’s real identity is Santa Claus. HA. But the main part of the story is that Mr Freeze is causing problems. Kinda creepy. New Year’s Eve- I Love me some Harley and Poison Ivy. They are SOOOO a couple.  The Valentines day story line is a total mess. Can’t figure out what the F is going on.