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Inside a Bald Eagles Nest

Inside a Bald Eagle's Nest: A Photographic Journey Through the American Bald Eagle Nesting Season - Ed D. Gorrow, Craig A. Koppie

Home sick today so I thought I’d take the opportunity to review something on my computer instead of my iphone which is how I normally review graphic novels from netgalley.


Netgalley review


5 Stars


Photography is beautiful. I love how a lot of the photos are outside of the D.C. region where I live.  The book is a lot more text heavy then I thought it would be.  Incredible photos of Eagles mating and of nests with eggs.

I like how there is an ethics for Eagle enthusiasts at the end. There’s also a glossary and useful links sections. Overall, incredible photography, from mating to hatching and learning to fly.  Lots of useful information on Bald eagles as well. Very well done. I’m sure a print version would be even more impressive.