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Explorer: The Mystery Boxes

Explorer: The Mystery Boxes - Kazu Kibuishi, Emily Carroll, Rad Sechrist, Raina Telgemeier

Self purchase, paperback.


This is a collection (by editor Kazu Kibuishi) of graphic stories. I’ve loved Kibuishi’s other collections so wanted to give this a try.  Highly recommended for people who like fantasy young adult graphic novels.


Under the Floorboards- cute little story of a girl who finds a wax doll who wants to be her friend. 4 Stars


Spring Cleaning- nice to see an African American family in a comic! Story of a boy who tries to sell a magical box online. Really enjoyed this art and story. 5 Stars


The Keepers Treasure- A kid has a treasure map, is following it, runs into a nice troll type creature who helps him out. Really cute 5 Stars


The Butter Thief- A grandmother traps an evil spirit in a box. The granddaughter releases it. Hilarity ensues. 4 Stars


The Soldier’s Daughter- A young girl seeks revenge for her father’s death. Out of the 5 stories I’ve read, I’ve found this to be the weakest. Very average. 3 Stars


Whatzit- Really cute sci fi story. Not even sure how to describe it. 5 Stars

The Escape Option- Strange sci fi story by the editor of the collection 4 Stars